VIDEO: First Day of School Goes Smoothly for DOE


Guam – Today was the first day of classes for Guam’s Public Schools. 

At George Washington High School that included the first day of a new schedule with sophomore, juniors, and seniors attending class in the morning, and freshmen in the afternoon.

The school is running a double session to make up for the loss of 17 classrooms undergoing renovations for the Science, Technology, Engineering And Math (STEM) Program.

The double session concept is familiar to the geckos, as they shared a campus with John F Kennedy High School for two school years.  Principal Begonia Flores says the format is pretty much the same this year as well. In fact, Principal Flores says the only major problems with the first day of the school this year were the same problems encountered at other campuses including late registration, lost students and traffic delays.

Superintendent Jon Fernandez also felt the first day of school was going smoothly at GWHS, and other campuses as well.

My family and i started at Tamuning Elementary and I spent some time at Untalan Middle School and at Carbulldio and then up here at George Washington for the transition into the second half of the double session” Fernandez said. “Everything’s going smoothly.”

Principal Flores says classes and construction co-existed at the Mangilao campus without any issues today with students well aware of the restricted areas.

“I guess because it was properly planned and the areas were designated,” Flores said in relief.

The double session will continue until the completion of the STEM classroom renovations at the end of the first quarter.