First Evaluation Day for GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez


The Guam Education Board will be evaluating Fernandez’s performance as Superintendent for the year 2015.

Guam – It is the first day of evaluations for Guam Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez. This will be Fernandez’s third evaluation, which will only cover the period from January 1st 2015 to December 31st 2015.


GEB Chairman Peter Alexis Ada says the evaluation is required by law and will be conducted by the nine voting board members.

He explains that their evaluation will be based on the following five topics: Classroom and Curriculum, Corrective Action Plan, Professional Relationship (between principals and administrators), School Learning Environment, Safety, Building and Facilities, and Teamwork and Budgeting.

The evaluation results and comments will then be presented to the Superintendent the following week on February 1st. After the Superintendent is given a chance to respond, the evaluation results will be announced to the public.