First Green Solutions says GPA is Not ‘100 Percent Transparent to the GPA Power Users’


GPA filed a response to First Green’s complaint on February 25.

Guam – First Green Solutions, the energy consultant firm that is claiming GPA is overcharging some commercial customers is continuing their criticism of GPA’s smart meters and how the authority is reading and billing kilowatts per hour.


Rick Sparacio, CEO of first green solutions, maintains that GPA did not address first greens complaint that they are overcharging energy efficient commercial customers by several millions of dollars. GPA filed a response to first greens complaint on February 25. In first Greens Response to the PUC Sparacio says “We have confirmed from GPA that the new smart meters do in fact increase the measured kwh when the power factor is increased. This we feel is causing the serious overcharges of 5 percent to 15 percent which when computed x 12 months annually x nearly 100 schedule power users x nearly 36 months since the smart meters were installed will equal well over several million dollars in overcharges that continue every month until this issue is resolved.” Sparacio also says that GPA has not addressed the PUC’s order for GPA to explain to the PUC how they calculate ratepayers power factor. Sparacio says “this further substantiates our complaint that GPA is doing something internally that is not 100% transparent to the GPA power users.”