Merits of Pagat Lawsuit To be Heard in Court September 19th


Guam – The Department of Defense was in court Tuesday for the lawsuit filed by the Guam Historic Preservation Trust, The National Historic Preservation Trust and “We Are Guahan.”


The suit was filed primarily because of DOD’s decision to use Pagat as a firing range complex. Guam Historic Preservation Trust Director Joe Quinata says they essentially set the schedule for the suit with administrative record due by April 15th.

On September 19th judge Kobayashi will hear the merits of the case. While they originally filed an injunction to stop the construction of a firing range Quinata says the injunction is not needed at this time.

“According to our legal counsel an injunction is not necessary as indicated because funding for the Rt. 15 firing range has not been approved and no work has yet been approved for Rt. 15,” explained Quinata.

He also says that their legal counsel still believes they have a really strong case but are hoping that DOD will change it’s mind about using Pagat as a firing range complex before the case actually goes to trial.