IBC Prepares to Demolish JFK


Guam – The first phase of the demolition of the old John F. Kennedy High School has begun. International Bridge Corporation says the heavy demolition equipment is making its way to the Upper Tumon Campus and the serious work of demolition will probably begin Monday.

A day after IBC was granted a demolition permit, Vice President Miguel Bordallo says they are moving equipment into place.

The groundbreaking for the new campus in Upper Tumon was held nearly three weeks ago. But then the Department of Interior had to sign off on the project and IBC’s permits had to be reviewed and approved.

Bordallo says from this point on, IBC will move forward and get the site prepared for taking the old building down.

“We began our activities about two weeks ago,” said Bordallo, “helping the Department of Education remove various items from the building. We’ll continue this in a phase approach until the entire quad is demolished.”

He expects the demolition of the old structure to be completed within the next four weeks.

While the demolition is proceeding, IBC will finalize the design documents for the new campus and once that’s done,  they will be submitting it for a building permit with DPW.

Bordallo says IBC have been working closely with DPW, DPW Director Andy Leon Guerrero and all building officials to complete this job.

Despite past delays, he says IBC is optimistic they can finish the job and get the school finished by June of next year, in time for the next school year.