First Session of 2016 Starts With Chamorro Land Trust Bills


Also on the agenda is a bill that would prohibit bonus pay. 

Guam – The first session of 2016 kicked off this morning with bills that transfer GovGuam land into the coffers of the Chamorro Land Trust.



 Senator Tom Ada has 5 bills on the session agenda that transfer property to the Chamorro Land Trust. Bill 180 transfers a lot in Ipao/Tumon to the land trust, Bill 192 transfers 35 acres in Dededo that were set aside for the Astumbo elementary school, Bill 193 transfers another 35 acres in Dededo set aside for the Astumbo middle school, Bill 194 transfers 38.8 acres in Agana Heights that were reserved for a central high school, and bill 195 transfers 35 acres in Chalan Pago that were set aside for a middle school. “The reason for the housekeeping is that the committee recently did an analysis of the Chamorro Land Trust data base and found that there was approximately 12 thousand applications that were submitted since 1995 of those 12 thousand applications there was a demand for 15 thousand acres of property either for agricultural or residential use,” said Senator Tom Ada.

 Also on the agenda are Bills 143 which provides increased enforcement of the Natasha Protection Act and Bill 222 which prohibits bonus pay and mandates proper pay and pay adjustment processing for unclassified employees.