First Siren System Tested at GHS


Did you hear the loud noise this morning?

Guam – If you heard a loud sound system over by Agana Heights this morning, don’t be alarmed, it was only a test.

The Guam Homeland Security Office of Civil Defense was testing its new All Hazards Alert Warning System. The purpose of the alert system is to warn residents of all types of hazards, such as a tsunami, Condition of Readiness changes during a storm, or flash flooding.

Jenna Gaminde, spokesperson for Guam Homeland Security says a total of 15 of these warning systems will be erected throughout the island. The one at their office is the first to be tested.


“We do have them broken up into different phases. The first one of course was Guam Homeland Security and then also in Yona and in Talofofo as well. So that was the first stage. All three of those have been put up already. Guam Homeland Security was the first to be tested. The vendor is currently working on the next stage, which is the low lying areas of Inarajan and Merizo,” explains Gaminde.

Gaminde says all 15 sirens should be up and running by the end of September.