First-Time Homeowners Assistance Program certificates handed out

GHC handed out certificates to families who qualified in the First-Time Homeowners Assistance Program. (PNC video grab)

On Monday, Apr 19, the Guam Housing Corporation (GHC) handed out certificates to 27 recipients who qualified in the First-Time Homeowners Assistance Program.

GHC administers the housing program, which provides eligible applicants a grant of up to $10,000 or 4 percent of the total purchase price or construction cost of the home inclusive of closing costs.

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According to GHC President Edith Pangelinan, the Department of Administration was able to release the fiscal year 2021 funds for this grant at over half a million dollars.

With this presentation, she says they still have half of that money remaining for the remainder of the fiscal year, which would allow the Housing Corporation to receive more applicants.

“I encourage not only those that are receiving today or have your friends and family who are also looking to purchase a home or to build a home to avail of services and this grant that is available to the first time homeowner,” Pangelinan said.

Meanwhile, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero says that she is excited for the families who qualified for the program.

“You are now able to provide a roof for your family. And I know that these times, we are very concerned about job security. We are very concerned about safety for ourselves and our families but we are also concerned about having a home to call our own.”