First truck driving boot camp begins

GCC has recently partnered with local companies to hold a Truck Driving Transportation Boot Camp to address the shortage of licensed and trained commercial truck drivers on Guam. (PNC file photo)

Would you embark on a 12-week long boot camp if it promised you employment, and all at no cost?

The Guam Community College continues to grow and diversify its skills boot camps for high demand fields on the island.

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GCC has recently partnered with six local companies to hold the first Truck Driving Transportation Boot Camp to address the shortage of licensed and trained commercial truck drivers on Guam.

Students completed their first week of this 12-week long program, which started on Monday, Sept. 16 and will continue through Nov. 30.

Through this program, participants will work to earn their C-class license, which employers dubbed as the “Golden Ticket” in the industry, as well as nationally recognized certificates in Work Ethics, OSHA-10, National Career Readiness and CPR/Basic First Aid.

Fifteen participants were selected through an application review and interview process by
GCC’s Continuing Education and Workforce Development program.

Taking the same approach as their highly successful Ship Repair Boot Camp completed last month, they’ve included the trucking companies in the screening process.

Jeanette Constantino, human resources manager from DeWitt Guam, shares with PNC that they will be hiring four employees from the group.

“We’ve put out ads but we weren’t able to get any candidates. So this is a godsend for us and we really appreciate GCC for initiating these programs. I, myself, am looking for four tractor drivers from this group so that tells you of the need. Plus, I know of other employers that are looking for 10 candidates. So we’re really putting in our best face for these potential candidates in hopes that they would choose us for their employer,” Constantino said.

Mary Okada, president of GCC, encourages all employees throughout the island who are in high demand, to utilize GCC’s training programs.

“If there are additional employers out there that wish to engage with GCC in whatever occupation it is, we will try our best to obtain federal funds to obtain other resources that the college may have access to in order to help train the workforce. We see the need coming and not just in construction but in different areas and the college is positioning to further expand the workforce development for our island,” she said.

For more information, contact John Dela Rosa at 735-5638.