Fisherman’s Co-Op Calls Islandwide Meeting TONIGHT


Guam – The Guam Fishermen’s Cooperative Association has called for an island-wide meeting tonight [Thursday] to get input on and discuss the impacts of  the bill banning shark finning, the Guam Fisheries Act, annual catch limits and other issues that effect the island’s fishermen.

The meeting is scheduled for 7pm at the Fishermen’s Co-op Compound in the Hagatna Boat Basin.

A release from the CO-Op emphasises that “this is not a cultural demonstration or petition, it is focused on Guam fishing impacts.”

The issues on the agenda are:

1.      Annual Catch Limits (ACL) for pelagic species fishing
2.      Implementation of the Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP) for recording all catches or both near-shore and off-shore
3.      Ocean Dredge Material Disposal site (ODMDS)
4.      Guam Fisheries Act (GFA)
5.      Guam Military Range Complex
6.      Endangered Species Act (ESA) for Atuhong (Humphead Parrotfish)
7.      Banning of Shark Finning, the Guam legislation

This island-wide meeting is specifically agenda driven and public comments must be relevant to the topic.

Public comments that are not relevant to the topic will be disallowed.  

Full control and adherence to the intent of the Fishermen’s meeting will be enforced.