Fishing permitted through ‘stricter’ lockdown; considered ‘sustenance’


The Governor’s office says anyone fishing or launching a boat for fishing purposes during the Friday-to-Friday “stricter” PCOR 1 lockdown will be permitted to do so.

Krystal Paco-San Agustin, the Governor’s Press Secretary, told PNC News that fishing is considered sustenance and a need, much like going to the grocery store, therefore it is exempted from the Executive Order.

“Fishing for sustenance is permitted, as per our DPHSS guidelines,” said Paco-San Agustin.

This includes launching a boat for the purposes of fishing.

Going to beaches or public parks is prohibited, even for individual exercise. However, if someone is in a public space to fish, it will be permitted.

The guidance will be provided to Visitor Safety Officers as well, who will be on patrol.