Fitial Says He’d Sign It If Senate Passes Medicinal Marijuana Bill


Guam – CNMI Gov. Benigno R. Fitial supports the legalization of marijuana for medical use but doubts that the Senate will pass the controversial measure.

Senate President Paul A. Manglona already made public his opposition to the marijuana legalization bill and promised that the Senate will disapprove the measure in its session next week.

His colleagues at the upper house also echoed the Department of Public Health ‘ concerns that the CNMI will $10 million if the local government approves the legislation.

Authored by Rep. Stanley Torres, House Bill 17-45 passed the House last week. It seeks to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana use for medicinal and other purposes in the CNMI.

The marijuana legalization bill adds to a list of revenue-generating bills pending in the 17th Legislature.

In an earlier cost-benefit analysis, the House Committee on Natural Resources said the legalization of cannabis could result in the loss of federal funds but at the same time the Commonwealth government will generate funds through taxation.

Under federal law, marijuana remains a Schedule I drug and is illegal to use and possess.