Fitness centers, swimming pools, and water parks reopen

The Agana Pool is said to be beyond repair. (PNC file photo)

It was another big day for easing coronavirus social distancing restrictions …

Gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools, and water parks were all allowed to re-open Monday morning at 8 a.m.

Before they opened their doors, they had to develop and submit to Public Health specific COVID-19 control and prevention measures appropriate for their own business.

Mike Sgro, the Club Manager for Paradise Fitness, was on the air with K57’s Patti Arroyo Monday morning and he talked about what they’ve done to keep their gyms COVID-free.

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“We have the sanitizing sprays and the disinfectant sprays everywhere throughout the facility. We’ve always had them, but now we’ve just upped it to everywhere that’s a key strategic area where there are a lot of touchpoints. We’re doing every other machine. We have our microphone announcements. We have our fitness attendants doing their floor walk every 15 minutes just to ensure everyone is keeping their distance and wiping down the machines,” Sgro said.

Bars and taverns were not allowed to re-open today and they remain closed.