‘Flash’ sale of live lobsters sells out in an hour

Dozens of patrons lined up to take advantage of the lobster sale. (Viewer submitted photo)

Because social gatherings have been restricted, hotels are no longer able to offer buffets to their patrons, which means that there is a lot of food that isn’t being eaten.

One company, whose clients are primarily hotels, took to social media to advertise a flash sale of live lobsters.

A text message circulating through various social media chats encourages residents to attend a “friends and family sale” and bring their coolers to Quality Distributors to buy 1 to 2 pound live lobsters ranging from $10 to $15.

With face masks on, dozens of patrons lined up to take advantage of the sale.

PNC has learned that the company sold more than 100 lobsters within an hour.

We also reached out to Quality Distributors, however, they declined to comment.

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