Floren Paulino tribute


Today, the life and legacy of the late traditional master weaver, Florentina Meno Paulino, also lovingly known as “Tan Floren,” was honored with a tribute ceremony by the Office of the Governor, the 36th Guam legislature, and the village she grew up in, Inalåhan.

Earlier today, many people joined together to honor Tan Floren Meno Paulino and her dedication to preserving the CHamoru culture through the art of traditional weaving. Among her distinguished life-long accomplishments, Tan Floren’s generosity, patience, and wealth of knowledge leave a lasting and significant impact on Guam’s community and all those who knew her.

Prior to evolving into a master weaver, Tan Floren learned basic weaving techniques from her father. However, by age 12, she displayed advanced weaving craftsmanship-later developing her knowledge and skill in weaving with pandanus leaves, which are more challenging to work with.

Tan Floren shared her gift of traditional weaving through her work at Gef Pa’go, imparting the CHamoru culture to tourists, guests, and students. Additionally, she took part in many cultural events throughout Guam and the region. In 1977, Tan Floren officially received recognition as a master weaver by CAHA.

During today’s ceremony, Tan Floren was honored with the Maga’haga’s award:

Tan Floren: a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, is remembered for her significant impact on our island community. We here at the Pacific News Center and the Sorensen Media Group extend our sincerest condolences to the family of Tan Floren.