Fly Guam Airline’s New “Hafa Adai” Magazine Takes Off


Guam- As Fly Guam gears up for its inaugural flight, its new in-flight magazine called “Hafa Adai” launched late Wednesday morning.

Fly Guam is the island’s newest local carrier. The new “Hafa Adai” magazine will be produced monthly to all seven destinations under the new airline which includes Guam, Saipan, China, Taipei, Korea, and the Philippines.

Micronesia Publishing Director General Carlos Santos says the process started a year ago to put together the magazine. The name “Hafa Adai” was chosen because it reflects perfectly how to welcome visitors to the island. Santos adds the magazine is committed to featuring Guam’s local talent and what makes the island different from other parts of the world.

“This first issue that we have is a monographic issue, 100% on Guam” said Santos. “So we call it the Guam issue. People that come to Guam, it’s like a warm up of what will they find here. And we want to really share with them what we have learned in terms of the culture, in terms of food, in terms of festivities, in terms of the beauty of Guam.”

About 20 contributers and writers teamed up for the first issue. Over 2,000 copies are expected to be distributed throughout the 7 travel destinations.