Fly Guam’s Inaugural Arrival Postponed


Guam – The inaugural arrival ceremony of  Fly Guam Airlines has been postponed.

The Guam Visitor’s Bureau had planned a welcoming ceremony at the A.B. Won Pat Airport tonight [Friday] at 10 pm. But late Friday afternoon the Airport Authority sent out a message to the media saying that the arrival had been postponed.

No announcement has been made by Fly Guam about this latest “postponement.”



[From Left:  Jessica Trevino, Governor Eddie  Baza Calvo, Jeffrey Stern and Lisa Bordallo.]

The airline has hired 35 new flight attendants and several mechanics from Guam and provided training to them to enable their new career. 

Fly Guam’s destinations include:  Guam, Saipan, China, Taipei, and the Philippines. 

The planes can carry up to 150 passengers.

The airplane body is decorated with the words “Fly Guam.”  Both the U.S. and Guam flags will be displayed. 

The tail of the plane also displays a view of Guam.