‘Food Truck Frenzy’ at the Yigo night market

(From Visit Guam)

Guam – If you are resident in Yigo, you can save yourself some gas because the food truck frenzy is coming your way.

Mark your calendars, the food truck frenzy event is happening tomorrow, May 31, at the Yigo Gym from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Satisfy your cravings with food from a variety of local food trucks!

Yigo Mayor Rudy Matanane said, “One of the trucks that i can remember that are gonna be there is the Snowy which started the food truck frenzy, and Munchies, and four other food trucks that are gonna be up here.”

Matanane said, “We are starting again with our night market through the food truck frenzy so you gotta check it out… So we are inviting everyone that can come up here and we are making this a Friday night food truck frenzy so at least probably two weeks then start the night market.”

The Friday night market was a weekly event held at the Yigo gym featuring retail vendors with a great selection of food and beverage options. With the revival of the event, this gives local vendors the opportunity to promote and sell their local products, and gives families the chance to indulge in a family-fun event.

However, the night market is still in the planning phase, but the community is advised to start gearing up for the Friday night market in a few short weeks.

Stay tuned to PNC’s community calendar every Monday for any updates on the event.