Forestry Division stocks up on bottled water ahead of the coming fire season


In anticipation of another scorching dry season, Guam Forestry Division’s Cooperative Fire Protection Program has stocked up 360 cases of bottled water.

The bottled water will be used to keep forestry and GFD firefighters hydrated when they respond to the rash of wildfires that break out every year during the coming dry season.

The Federal Excess Personal Property Program provided the funds to purchase the bottled water. The program is administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forestry Service.

The Federal Excess Personal Property Program provides much needed resources when assets are available, according to a release from the Guam Department of Agriculture.

The release calls on island residents to help prevent wildfires by avoiding burning during the driest of days. When burning green waste become necessary residents are advised to use a metal container and cover it with a 1/4-inch mesh wire to prevent embers from blowing and starting a wildfire.

“Remember, Munga Masongge Guahan, Don’t Burn Guam!  Let’s all do our part to protect our community and natural resources from wildfires and report suspicious activities – because it’s the absolute right thing to do.”

Anyone with questions for the Forestry Program Division can contact their office at 300-7977/5.