VIDEO: Forget Thinking Green, Think Blue Sustainability!


Guam- Instead of “Thinking Green” to protect and sustain the environment, think blue!


That’s part of what Dr. Martin Blake will be presenting as the keynote speaker of the University of Guam’s 2012 Island Sustainability Conference. The visionary strategist has over 25 years in business experience and has been working with different countries all over the world to help others achieve sustainable development. He says Blue Sustainability takes people past the green movement and creates jobs, wealth and abundance of what is already there. Blake mentions he will be looking at Guam’s existing environment and how to move past the constraints of the economic market.

“I’ll be looking at how you can convert waste to energy, how you can gain agriculture and water without high inputs and deliver food security, energy security and water security…which are the all important issues around an island economy” said Blake.

While he feels Guam is at the beginning of its journey to sustainability, he believes the community can take steps now and apply the best practices of other places in the world. Blake notes 25%-30% of energy consumption on Guam can be saved without additional costs. He also wants to look at how new buildings are built to save on energy and money.

The UOG Island Sustainability Conference will take place at the Hyatt Regency on April 18 & 19.