Former Adelup director claims to be the target of corruption by Calvo-Tenorio Administration


Guam – It was the first time a drug raid suspect has ever spoken out to media, but for familiar face Troy Torres it was something that needed to be done—so that his side of the story could be heard and what he said not only had to do with his arrest and release but a saga of events that he believes led to him being targeted.

“Three of these people were used as scapegoats in an attempt to put me away and I want to expose this corruption for what it is and because I don’t have any other choice at this point,” said Torres during a press conference held as his residence Monday night—the same residence where an earlier drug raid took place.

Torres, John Salas, and Enolagay Aliga were arrested following the raid of Torres’ Latte Heights home with the fourth person, identified as Torres’ boyfriend Temmy Antiquena, released. But it was a warrant for arrest on another individual, Julius Nedlic, that led the GPD task force to Torres’ doorstep. Nedlic was one of the individuals who resided at Torres’ home.

“Three things happened two days prior to my arrest that are important to this story. First, my car was repossessed by the Bank of Guam causing me to get a rental car. It was a red Camry from Andy’s car rental,” said Torres.

According to a report that rental was the vehicle Nedlic was discovered in when GPD tracked him down and captured him. In the rental vehicle, police found Torres’ wallet with his driver’s license inside. They also discovered drug paraphernalia with suspected ice and marijuana. Torres also confirmed that GPD claimed to have also discovered in the rental a list of undercover vehicles with license plate numbers and names of the agents driving those vehicles.

“Sometime that day there was a raid of the residence of Enrique Guerrero who I didn’t know as of that time and another raid at the residence of Kala Taitague. I did not know Guerrero prior to my incarceration. Taitague is a friend that I met through her girlfriend Jess Underwood,” noted Torres.

According to GPD Spokesperson Sgt. Paul Tapao, the raid on Guerrero and Taitague’s Casa de Flores Apartment resulted in the seizure of methamphetamine, LSD, Marijuana and guns. A report states that Nedlic was identified as the source for the drugs.

“The last bit of information important to this story on that day was the visit by US Marshals to my house to serve my roommate Julius Nedlic with a summons to appear at a hearing involving someone else’s case in federal court as a witness,” Torres explained.

This was the day before Torres lent the rental to Nedlic. A report indicates that the search warrant was obtained for the home of Nedlic not Torres. It further indicates that Torres claimed Nedlic had moved out three weeks prior.

“I awoke the following morning to three guns held by three masked people held to my face. I was told by the officer-in-charge that they were there because Julius was caught by marshals and the Mandana Drug Task Force was called because of the alleged drugs on Nedlic. I don’t believe that anyway,” Torres noted.

Court documents state that Nedlic was arrested and a return of warrant was issued on Thursday, the day prior to the Latte Heights raid. The morning of the raid, Torres says police showed him the warrant and that no where on the warrant did it indicate the seizure of Torres’ personal belongings.

“When leaving, I was told that officers found residue and packaging material in the room that Julius had stayed and an ice pipe in the living room. I immediately thought the discoveries were [expletive] because I had checked the living room and there certainly was not any ice pipe,” claimed Torres.

Torres did not outright say that he believed the drug paraphernalia and packaging material was planted by GPD but insinuated that may have been the case. He added that Nedlic did not appear to be the drug dealer GPD painted him out to be.

Meanwhile, in a confidential police report obtained by PNC, an interview of Torres’ boyfriend, Temmy Antiquena, revealed that he had seen Salas smoke ice in the living room and suspected that Torres was using drugs “due to his erratic behavior.”
Torres denies being a current user but admits that he has smoked ice in the past.

Torres, Salas and Aliga were released on Saturday and were given a notice to appear three years from the date on the notice.

During his statement, Torres also unleashed a myriad of allegations of government corruption in Adelup. Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio took the brunt of the accusations.

Torres says that he is a political scapegoat, thrown under the bus by the lieutenant governor’s team, claiming that his arrest was politically motivated.

“I am going to get to the bottom of all of this, find out everybody who was involved in the campaign. And mark my word, I will sue all of you. I don’t care if you’re the governor or the lieutenant governor, if you were involved in this endeavor against me you know you are wrong and I will sue you,” warned Torres.

With that, Torres unleashed a barrage of allegations of government corruption against the current administration and Tenorio, stating any response from Adelup would be a lie.

“I have seen it before and I haven’t laid all my cards on the table. I am not stupid, my leverage is you know there are things that the FBI can ask me; things that I can assure you I have not been involved in. Illegal activities in the administration, but there is information I am sure that the FBI would want to know about things,” Torres cautioned again.

Lt. Governor Tenorio, in response, stated the only thing accurate about Torres’ statement is that he called him last week about a puppy.

“Sorry but there is no factual basis to any of that. Troy is intelligent and talented, very charismatic man, and I have known him for many, many years since the Unpingco-Calvo campaign up to now and he did an exceptional job in the governor’s office. I wish him well and I consider him a friend,” said Tenorio.

But it appears that Torres doesn’t see Tenorio in the same light, further alleging that the Mandana Drug Task Force which was created by Tenorio violated fourth amendment rights of individuals in the past.

“Your government corruption and intervention, I don’t micro manage public safety, I don’t direct investigations,” said Tenorio. “I don’t get involved with anything that has the inkling of implication of ethical violations when it comes to the police department, investigation, criminal justice they take their cues from their supervisors and police officers take offense when political powers or people above them tell them whether or not there is probable cause or not.”

The lieutenant governor shared that he was saddened to hear the allegations but welcomes any investigation.

“If there is anybody that has done any wrongdoing, bring them to justice, including myself,” Tenorio said.

Tenorio says he prays for Torres, but as far as his allegations towards government corruption and a politically prompted arrest, Tenorio says they are completely baseless.

Meanwhile Torres shares that he “never wanted this to be anything.”

“Your paranoia about what I would do was unfounded but honestly what you have done has forced me to do this. You guys are really corrupt. I don’t know what else they are cooking up and if I don’t say anything these crooks will use this to remove me from the political scene. I was ready to leave last year but forced to rejoin ironically because of their paranoia,” noted Torres.

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