Former District Court Judge John Unpingco to Lead Procurement Advisory Council


Guam – John Unpingco will lead the government’s efforts to clean up its procurement process and make it more efficient.
“A lot of problems in government stem from procurement,” Governor Eddie Baza Calvo said. “I thank Vice Speaker Cruz for pushing this issue. We need procurement reform. We need a better process that protects the people’s money and efficiently allows the delivery of service. Right now, it’s just a mess. I’m glad John Unpingco and the rest of the council members are there to clean it up.”

Governor’s Deputy Chief of Staff Rose Ramsey convened the first meeting of the Procurement Advisory Council at Adelup late last Friday.  The council, established by Public Law 31-93, will re-evaluate the government of Guam’s procurement procedures, rules and regulations in an effort to improve efficiency in this long out-dated and cumbersome process.

“There’s no question that we need to reevaluate and improve the current procurement process in the government of Guam.  The current procedures are outdated and inhibit the progress of the government,” Unpingco said.  “We all agree that there needs to be intense focus on revamping this system using technological advancements and to bring these areas up to date.  We can simplify the process to improve overall government operations, efficiency and costs.”

The Guam Procurement Advisory Council members selected former District Court Judge Unpingco to lead the Council.  The members (positions as established by PL 31-93) are as follows:

·         John Unpingco, Chairman (Governor’s Appointee)

·         John Weisenberger, Office of the Attorney General

·         Doris Flores-Brooks, Office of Public Accountability

·         Geraldine Cepeda, Office of Compiler of Laws

·         Claudia Acfalle, General Services Agency

·         Benita Manglona, Department of Administration

·         Joanne Brown, Department of Public Works

·         John Thomas Brown, Guam Bar Association

·         Leonard Kaae, Governor’s Appointee

·         John Onedera, Board of Accountancy

·         Dr. Anita Borja-Enriquez, University of Guam

The council meets again this Friday at 11 a.m. The venue will be announced later this week.