Former DOC internal affairs head pleads guilty, agrees to plea deal

After two years of maintaining his innocence in the conspiracy to smuggle methamphetamine into the island's prison facility, former DOC officer Jeff Limo accepted a deal with the government.

A deal has been made with the Department of Corrections’ former head honcho of internal affairs Jeff Limo in the DOC contraband smuggling case.

After two years of maintaining his innocence in the conspiracy to smuggle methamphetamine into the island’s prison facility, Limo accepted a deal with the government.

The plea agreement was reviewed by Superior Court Judge Anita Sukola who accepted the deal this morning.

When the allegations first surfaced, Limo’s attorney at the time, Curtis Van de Veld, indicated that his client was set up. But it appears that Limo is no longer standing by that assertion.

According to the plea agreement, Limo is pleading guilty to one count of official misconduct, admitting that he received a solicitation from co-defendant Ronald Meno bribing him to set up visitation for Shawn Paul Johnson outside of protocol and did not report it.

The guilty plea, however, is not for receiving bribes. Instead, the charges of receiving bribes, conspiracy to promote major prison contraband as well as four additional counts of official misconduct will be dismissed if he testifies against the co-actors.

While sentencing will not take place until the case is resolved, the plea agreement calls for one-year incarceration, which, if Limo fails to abide by the stipulations in the plea, he will be made to serve.

Limo will also be placed on two years probation.

Edward Crisostomo, Paul Lynwood Johnson, Jerome San Nicolas and Lian Cabrera have yet to take deals with the government.

While Limo has taken a plea in the criminal matter, it was indicated that his case before the civil service commission — in which he is attempting to reverse his termination from DOC — is still pending.

The case cannot be resolved until all defendants in the case have taken deals or have gone to trial. Judge Sukola, however, did point out that because Limo has pleaded guilty to official misconduct, he will not be able to gain employment with GovGuam or re-employment at DOC.

A follow-up hearing has been set for Oct. 28 at 9 am.


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