Former Firefighter’s Rape Trial Delayed Again


This is the second time the trial had to be put on hold because of conflicting schedules.

Guam – The trial for former firefighter Dean Ray Quinata has been delayed again.


Quinata is facing charges of raping an 11-year-old girl back in 2012. His trial was first delayed last month after a series of motions were filed by his defense attorney Curtis Van De Veld because of some inconsistencies with witness statements.

Van De Veld fought for a mistrial after the prosecution failed to inform him that the victim had changed her testimony and timeline of the alleged rape. Judge Vern Perez denied the defense motion for mistrial.

The case was back on for trial today but one witness, the AG investigator who was present during an interview of the victim, is off-island on military orders.

Trial is tentatively scheduled to resume on March 29, but the parties are due back in court next Tuesday to discuss whether or not expert testimony will be provided by medical and psychological experts.