Former governor Calvo: ‘Democratic Party leadership of Guam an abject failure’

Former governor Eddie Baza Calvo (PNC file photo)

Former Republican governor Eddie Calvo has generally reserved comment about the performance of the current administration since he left office in January last year.

The Democratic party on Guam currently controls the legislature, the executive branch, and Guam’s seat in Congress.

However, on May 11, Monday afternoon, the former governor gave his blunt assessment of the current Democratic leadership when he called into Tony Lamorena’s radio program on K57.

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“Hopefully, we can get a Republican legislature in the upcoming administration and a Republican congressman because I see right now that the combined, unified Democratic party leadership of Guam has been an abject failure. That’s just my opinion,” Calvo said.

Calvo also spoke in support of the current Trump administration, saying he believes the Republican President has given Guam and the other territories a lot of latitude and benefits.

Calvo currently serves on the Trump Administration’s Asian-American Advisory Commission.