Former governor Eddie Calvo weighs in on tomorrow’s general election

Former governor Eddie Baza Calvo (PNC file photo)

Former governor Eddie Baza Calvo is weighing in on Tuesday’s general election and expressing his views about the Democrat-controlled Legislature.

If it was based solely on the performance of the Democrat super-majority over the past two years, especially in dealing with the pandemic emergency, Calvo believes that Guam would be looking forward to a Republican sweep in tomorrow’s general election.

However, Calvo said 2020 is a very unique election.

“The sad performance of the elected Democrat leadership has been shielded by the dead silence and lack of transparency emanating from both the executive and legislative branches. Rather than a ‘check and balance’ relationship between the two branches, there has been a concerted effort by Adelup and the leadership of the super-majority to mask the major mistakes in policymaking and blundering executive actions,” Calvo said in an interview with PNC.

He added that the voice of the Republican super-minority has to this point been successfully squelched by the ‘bullying tactics” of the elected Democrat leadership of the island. With little or no voices pointing out the deficiencies in governance, Calvo said many in the general public may not be as informed as they would have been if there had been the Republican Party leading the legislature.

“The shutdown of the island has also posed a problem for getting the message out. There are no pocket or mass meetings. There are no door-to-door visits to homes in the villages by aspiring new candidates. Because of the troubled economy, there have been sparse fundraising events. That means it’s more difficult to get a campaign message out through the conventional means of print, TV, and radio. But despite all that, I still believe that the Republican Party still has a strong chance of winning a majority,” the former governor said.

Calvo describes the Republican candidate slate as a good mix of new, intelligent, and motivated candidates, combined with top quality seasoned veterans.

“Most importantly, I believe what the Republicans have in them is a driving desire to serve the interests of the people, not the party. The Democrat super-majority has, in one of the most difficult times in Guam’s history, chosen to be the ‘silent’ enabler for an administration that has made one mistake after another. The Democrat super-majority has chosen to “Serve the Party, Rather than the People,” Calvo said.

As for the gubernatorial race in 2022, Calvo, who is rumored to be running again for governor, said the Republican Party should focus on this election, and not think ahead to the gubernatorial election.

Once the people elect a Republican congressional delegation, and a Republican majority, Calvo said the GOP must then work towards bringing Guam out of both the medical and economic crisis it currently finds itself in.

“And that means working collaboratively with Governor Leon Guerrero and her administration. Rather than a one-party rule ‘conflict of interest’” that the Democratic leadership continually found itself in these past two years, it would be a ‘harmony of interest’ working for the betterment of the people of Guam. The Democratic Party of Guam has held the reigns of power of the government of Guam the past two years. The voters of Guam should consider that as they cast their vote this election day,” Calvo said.

On the national election, Calvo said he’s hopeful that President Trump and a Republican Senate will continue on for the next four years. According to Calvo, President Trump was responsible for rebasing Medicare rates for the Guam Memorial Hospital and he provided Guam with the same Medicaid matching funding as the other 50 states. In addition, Calvo said President Trump protected the Chamorro Land Trust and protected Guam from a belligerent North Korea.

“President Trump lowered our taxes. President Trump pumped in $1.6 billion dollars in pandemic aid to help us get through this current crisis. With President Trump, Guam will never be forgotten. We need four more years of President Trump and Republican leadership in Washington,” Calvo concluded.

(Editor’s Note: The same set of questions was sent to Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero’s office but Adelup has not responded as of newstime)