Former Guam resident gaining buzz in California for using art to uplift kids

One of Nancy Dulay's street drawings in California. (Photo courtesy of Nancy Dulay)

A former Guam resident is gaining buzz in her California neighborhood for using art to uplift kids.

At first, no one knew who was leaving art doodles in San Carlos Park. It wasn’t until one of the members posted on the neighborhood chat that the attention of another member who works for the local news station was caught.

Former Simon Sanchez high school counselor Nancy Dulay, who now owns her own face painting business called Fancy Nancy Faces, was walking her dog at her neighborhood park in San Carlos when she decided, right then and there, to draw something.

Inspired by a fellow face painter who drew the Christmas cartoon character the Grinch on a window, Dulat drew the same character on the park grounds using chalk.

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“I was going to color it in and then I thought I saw the kids playing. So instead, I left it there for them to draw or to color in and I put a little “Color Me” note next to it and then I put it up in one of the Facebook neighborhood groups, letting them know what I did and I asked if they had any requests and I started getting requests,” Dulay said.

She added: “Because so many people were interested and I realized how much chalk was going to end up costing and I did the drawings everywhere, I started contacting some of my old clients, a lot of them corporate, and they were more than willing to donate chalk and it just kind of grew from there.”

From her post, Dulay was then contacted by CBS8 news. Dulay posted the article on her social media accounts and her friends posted it on theirs.

“They thought it was cool. The weirdest part was that I’m getting chalk sent to me from strangers or messaging me and asking me where they can donate which is really, really sweet. I love that because they just want to do something nice and lets me leave extra chalk for the kids. But probably the coolest response would be that of my nephew back home. He actually … you know teenagers, they don’t think we’re cool anymore … and I got a text from him saying, ‘This is so cool Auntie!’,” Dulay said.

Unfortunately, due to the rising number of COVID-19 positive cases in Southern California, she had to put a pause on drawings for the safety of the kids.

When the numbers start to decrease, Dulay says she will go back out and draw again.