Former Guam Resident, Esther Kiaina, Seeks Hawaii Congressional Seat


Guam – A woman who was born and raised on Guam is running for one of Hawaii’s congressional representative seats.


 Esther Kiaina (key-eye-na) is here on Guam to meet up with old friends and colleagues. Kiana’s parents came to Guam in 1958 and started up Dukes nursery in Asan. She worked as a chief of staff for Guam Congressman Robert Underwood and now has her eyes on congress as the representative for the second district of Hawaii. Kiaina is asking for Guam’s support.

“If they have friends and family in Hawaii whether they reside in the second district or not we only have two representatives I would highly encourage them to contact them and let them know that there is going to be someone if elected from Hawaii to be a fighter for the people of Guam,” said Kiaiana.

Kiaina also worked as a legislative assistant to both Senators Inoye and Akaka. She is currently the Director of Advocacy for the office of Hawaiian affairs.