Former Guam Senator Recieves Maga’håga Award


Former Guam Senator and educator Hope Alvarez Cristobal received the Maga’håga award as a recognition for her contributions to the pursuit of peace and justice for the CHamoru people and the Island of Guam.

PNC’s Mara Santana has more on this story….

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Hope served as an educator and also as Senator during the 23rd Guam legislature. She has had a lifelong commitment to confront militarization and decolonization while serving as an advocate for indigenous rights and the quality of life of the people of Guam.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero said, “Hope has always been very passionate about social justice and indigenous rights, and the protection of our culture, and protection of our environment, and protection of our land, and of course our language”

One of her many accomplishments as a former senator was the enactment of a bill which is now the public law P.L. 23-107 that secures an 85% discount on real estate taxes for senior citizens.

Lietenant Governor Josh Tenorio said, “She managed to enact significant pieces of legislation that sought to resolve and find pathways to address the historical injustice that has been faced by the Chamorro people of Guam and it is that constant focus that has taken her to the United Nations throughout the world being recognized as not only a champion and an advocate but really as a leader.”

As an educational leader, Hope worked for the Guam Department of Education as a teacher and administrator, besides serving as a Professor of Guam History at the University of Guam.

Governor said, “On behalf of the people of Guam, Hope again, please accept this award as a reflection and testimony of all the great things that you have provided for our people”

Besides expressing her gratitude for the award, Hope also thanked the Governor for the amazing job she has done on the Island.

Hope Alvarez said, “I’ve never seen Guam grow so fast than in these past four years, so I really am, am grateful that we have our first Maga’Håga for this island and she’s doing a splendid job.”

PNC News first, Khyomara Santana