Former Guard Member Could Face $16K Restitution in G-RAP Fraud


Former Guam Guard member Denille Calvo pleaded guilty to one count of theft by deception in G-RAP recruitment fraud.

Guam – A former member of the Guam National Guard may have to pay up to $16, 415 in restitution for committing recruitment fraud under the guard recruitment assistance program or GRAP.


Denille Calvo pleaded guilty to one count theft of property in May, confessing that she stole $14,000 in bonuses after she fraudulently claimed to have recruited several people into the Guam National Guard.


The GRAP was created at the height of the war on terror to boost enlistment numbers. Recruiter Assistants were eligible to receive up to $2,000 for every soldier they helped recruit.


According to a presentence investigation report, Calvo claimed a total of eight individuals and received bonuses amounting to $14,000. Calvo is also responsible for $2,415 in administrative fees.


In addition to restitution, Calvo could face a prison term of up to six months behind bars.


You can read the pre-sentence investigation report online at



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