Former Guard Member to Plead Guilty to G-RAP Fraud


Anthony Ngirairois has signed a plea deal. If accepted, he may have to pay a restitution of $42,000.

Guam – Another plea agreement in the G-RAP fraud crackdown. Former Staff Sgt. Anthony Ngirarois will be admitting to his guilt in filing false bonus claims for the recruitment of several National Guard members.


Last week, his co-defendant Roderick Ngirmekur also signed a plea deal Both are accused of conspiring to submit false guard recruiter assistant program or G-RAP claims.

G-RAP is a program created by the federal government to boost enlistment numbers in the National Guard. It paid recruiter assistants up to $2,000 for every soldier they helped enlist.

Court papers say Ngirairois filed 10 bonus claims and collected $19,500 through illegal means.

Under the plea deal, Ngirairois will agree to pay restitution of $42,000.

The federal government is continuing its crackdown on G-RAP fraud. A total of nine individuals have been indicted on Guam.