Former Homeland Security Advisor’s G-RAP Fraud Trial Continues


A former DocuPak employee testified today and admitted that the questionnaire process for recruiting assistant applicants was a rather easy process.

Guam – The trial of former Guam Homeland Security Advisor Ambrosio Constantino continued today, who’s facing guard recruitment fraud charges in federal court.

Up on the witness stand was former Deputy Program Manager for DocuPak Bill Stewart. DocuPak was the federal contractor who managed the Guard Recruiter Assistant Program or GRAP.

Stewart testified that all individuals who apply as Recruiting Assistants must go through a GRAP overview quiz. This ensures that RA’s understand the requirements as well as the consequences if they file false bonus claims for soldiers.

Under cross examination, however, Stewart admitted that the questionnaire was rather easy to pass since all questions are true or false and applicants get a second chance if they get the answer wrong the first time.

In fact, defense attorney Tom Fisher pointed out that one of the questions warned that failure to abide by the program’s rules is cause for termination, not prosecution or criminal investigation.

On direct examination Assistant US Attorney Rosetta San Nicolas pointed out that Constantino held the rank of Major in the National Guard and therefore should have understood the consequences of filing false claims.

Trial continues tomorrow in the District Court of Guam. 



  1. Ambrosio Constantino will be found guilty but will get ZERO JAIL TIME. A precedent has been set. No one has gone to jail for any of these crimes. It seems as long as you’re in the Guard or Reserve, you get ZERO JAIL TIME. Now if it’s one of us regular civilians, the same doesn’t apply. We get the GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL treatment. Life’s funny isn’t it?

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