Former Hong Kong residents in Saipan show solidarity with protest

Several former Hong Kong residents now living in Saipan delivered messages of support for the protesters.

By Sophia Perez / Marianas Variety

Hong Kong’s political turmoil spilled into Saipan on Sunday when six men staged a demonstration expressing their support for the ongoing protest in Hong Kong.

The men carried posters displaying messages in both English and Chinese. Written on one of the posters was: “The police of the Communist Party of China is killing the people of Hong Kong. Hong Kong policemen rape Hong Kong girls. Hong Kong needs help. SOS Hong Kong.”

“Overthrow the CCP’s authoritarian dictatorship,” read another, as well as “Establish China’s democratic constitutional government. The Communist Party of China is the most corrupt and evil organization in the world. CCP violates human rights, persecutes religious people, persecutes human rights lawyers.”

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Marianas Variety reporter Arnold Erediano was on the scene. He interviewed one of the protesters, Peter Huang, a 35-year-old physical education teacher who fled Hong Kong and arrived on Saipan in August.

“The Hong Kong government wants to catch me,” he said, adding that he is among the millions of Hong Kong Chinese who are demanding freedom. He said, “Freedom is the Chinese people’s dream.”