Former mayor Sanchez honored in Adelup memorial service

The late Humatak Mayor Daniel Quinata Sanchez was remembered by the community in a service held at the Governor's Complex. (PNC photo)

On Friday morning, the late Humatak Mayor Daniel Quinata Sanchez was remembered by the community in a service held at the Governor’s Complex.

The former mayor was ushered at the Governor’s Complex followed by a motorcade of his family members and fellow brothers of the Guam Police Department.

The service was opened with the National Anthem and Guam Hymn, followed by the invocation by Pale Richard Kidd.

Shortly after, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero expressed her deepest sympathies to Sanchez’s four children: Arlena Danielle, Chelsie Rose, Daniel Jr., Lawrence Thomas, and his four grandchildren: Marleigh Jude, Aaleighya Seige, Audrina Shaye, and Daniel George.

In her remarks, she commemorated the former mayor’s life-long dedication to serving Guam’s community in law enforcement and as Humatak’s mayor.

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“While his passing was untimely, he leaves a lasting reminder to all of us to be strong, to be courageous, to serve others with every ounce of our being, and more importantly, despite all circumstances, to always do good. I know it will take time, and I know it is painful— but I promise you that the memories you have of your father, your grandfather, your brother-in-law, and uncle will one day soon fill the void his passing has left each one of you.”

Lieutenant Governor Josh Tenorio echoed the Governor’s sentiment, sharing a fond memory of meeting the former mayor 23 years ago as the executive security for then-Governor Gutierrez.

“I had the honor of meeting your dad 23 years ago as a police officer at the tail end of his career— he was the executive security for former Governor Gutierrez, and I was working here. I never dreamed that we would be here mourning your father’s death in this way. The only thing I can that could be comforting to you is knowing that he joins your mom in heaven— and for you to reflect on all of the lives that he’s changed,” Tenorio said.

Krystal Paco, the governor’s communications director, read the Governor’s proclamation, which honored Sanchez’s time in the Guam Police Department serving in Patrol Operations, Juvenile Investigation Division, SEAS, SWAT, and executive security. Afterward, Speaker Therese Terlaje, Senators Pedo Terlaje, Amanda Shelton, and the Mayor’s Council of Guam presented the Guam flag and resolution to the family.

The service came to a close with an individual salute from each member of GPD, followed by the family’s final farewell. Former Mayor Sanchez’s legacy lives on through the many lives he has touched and his life-long service to Guam.