Former NMI AG Buckingham Summoned to Superior Court Monday; OPA Seeks Criminal Charges Against Him


Guam – The CNMI Superior Court has summoned former Attorney General Edward Buckingham to appear in Court Monday in response to a criminal complaint filed against him by the Office of Public Auditor [OPA].

According to the summons if  Buckingham does not appear in Saipan’s Superior Court Monday, “an application may be made for the issuance of a Warrant for your  arrest.”

READ the Court Summons HERE

After three years as Attorney General, Buckingham announced his resignation last Wednesday citing family reasons. Friday was his last day on the job, however, technically he remains the Attorney General for the next 30 days because he is using up un-used leave time. 

READ the report in the Saipan Tribune HERE

The Saipan Tribune reports that OPA legal counsel George Hasselback is asking for criminal charges against Buckingham alleging that he hosted a campaign party for Governor  Fitial’s delegate candidate nearly 2 years ago, on August 28, 2010.

Specifically, Hasselback is seeking charges of  using public supplies, services, time and personnel for campaign activities; one count of using the name of a government department or agency to campaign and/or express support for a candidate running for public office; two counts of misconduct in public office, and one count of failure to produce documents or information.

PNC’s Saipan Correspondent Brad Ruszala reports that Buckingham attempt to avoid being served the summons and he was attempting to leave Saipan Friday night under “escort” by CNMI Police,  when he was eventually served.

Howver Ruszala reports that Buckingham boarded a plane and left Saipan anyway. He was reportedly headed for Tokyo.