Former Oklahoma AG asks for investigation of game farms sending fighting roosters to Guam

(Photo courtesy KOKH Fox News Oklahoma City)

(KOCO-TV) – Former Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson is part of a group working to put an end to cockfighting in the state.

A letter sent to the U.S. attorney in the Eastern District of Oklahoma alleges the trafficking of fighting birds – such as roosters to Guam, an area where, until recently, that activity was legal.

“Although it was illegal under U.S. law to ship birds to any state or territory anywhere around the world,” Edmondson said.

The investigation details hundreds of shipments and identifies the top five shippers of fighting roosters. Three of the shippers live in Oklahoma.

A group now wants to see state and federal charges.

“Oklahoma is still the cockfighting capital of the U.S.,” Edmondson said. “That’s a serious charge but a reality of the situation.”

Edmondson has been essential in seeing that the state version of the law was approved in 2002, when he was in office, with this message to others breaking state law: “This is our first move. We’re coming after you.”

This is now in the hands of the U.S. Attorney of Eastern Oklahoma’s hands for review.