Former Republican First Lady Joanne Camacho Backs Gutierrez/Gumataotao


Guam – There have been a lot of rumors that there is a rift in the Republican party particularly that the Camacho and Torres factions of the party will be supporting former Governor Carl Gutierrez. Over the weekend former First Lady Joanne Camacho spoke at a pocket meeting in Tamuning where she declared her support for Gutierrez and urged fellow Republicans to do the same.




 At a pocket meeting in Tamuning Former Governor Carl Gutierrez invited former Republican First Lady Joanne Camacho to speak. “May I ask First Lady Joanne Camacho to say a few words?” said Gutierrez. “Thank you Governor. Hafa Adai and magandang gabi sa inyong lahat,” replied Camacho. The former first lady spoke about how Tamuning is traditionally a Republican village and although she is a Republican she said that this is a different election and one in which she would be supporting Gutierrez/Gumataotao. She explained that Gutierrez’s running mate Gary Gumataotao is her first cousin.

 However she said this is not the only reason why she is supporting the team. She spoke about how she served as the General Manager of the Guam Visitors Bureau for two years under the Calvo administration before she became unhappy with the Governor’s leadership and left for the private sector. She also spoke about the problems that her sister in law, Mary Camacho Torres, had with the Calvo administration. Mary Torres is the sister of Former Governor Felix Camacho and for part of the Calvo administration she served as the Executive Manager of the airport before being transferred to the Port Authority of Guam where she served as General Manager. She was ultimately removed from her position as General Manager of the port and it is believed this has caused a big rift between the Camacho Torres faction and the Calvo faction. “I knew they were having issues with my sister-in-law because Anita threw her out of the airport for whatever reason so they could do their shenanigans and moved her down at the port. She got down at the port and she became a problem because they weren’t able to do what they wanted to do at the port and this is the honest truth I see and so what they wanted to do was get rid of her I said you can’t give her my job handle it correctly. No [they said] because they are too in a rush they wanted to get their agenda through,” said Camacho.

 Camacho admitted that she supported the Calvo administration at first but she said after sitting in cabinet meetings for two years and listening to them berate her husband’s administration and after the fallout with her sister in law Mary she could support them no further. “I woke up and I realized this is not the leadership I had supported. I was very disappointed and people asked me why I’m disappointed with their style of leadership,” said Camacho.

 She says it is Governor Gutierrez’s style of leadership that she is now supporting and she strongly cautioned the crowd against letting Governor Calvo have another four years in office. “What we need to do as the Governor says, it’s not our election we need to go out to the people reach out and ask. I do. My husband goes wow you ask I said yes I do,” said Camacho adding, “If we don’t do our part it’s lost and it’s gonna be a story of the rich get richer and the poor gets poorer. That’s what I see happening and I know. I’ve been a part of it and I don’t like it and it’s worse now can you imagine if they get four more years whats gonna happen? We can’t wait for that. Please I pray to god everyday I said lord this election is your’s grant us favor to the servant that’s gonna serve all of us.”



Joanne Camacho made it clear last night that she believes that servant is former Governor Carl Gutierrez. “Biba Gutierrez Gumataotao!” chanted Camacho. “Biba!” replied the crowd.