Former Senator Brown to Lead DPW


Guam – Former Senator Joanne Brown, known for her planning, leadership and administrative skills, was selected to lead one of the largest government agencies. Governor-elect Eddie Calvo and Lt. Governor-elect Ray Tenorio chose their former colleague to lead the Department of Public Works, which oversees hundreds of millions of dollars in local and federal infrastructure funding.

“This is one of the most critical agencies to the military and Guam buildup,” Governor-elect Calvo said. “We chose a leader the people can trust to manage our roads, solid waste, bus operations and other infrastructure projects.”

The governor- and lieutenant governor-elect also made key cabinet selections to run the Department of Labor and the Guam Environmental Protection Agency, both critical to the effective management of growth during the buildup phase. Equally important is the promotion of Guam’s culture and history. The governor- and lieutenant governor-elect will be making the Department of Chamorro Affairs the umbrella organization for all agencies dealing with Guam’s culture and history and the restoration of Hagatna.

Governor-elect Eddie Calvo and Lt. Governor-elect Ray Tenorio selected the following professionals to lead the following agencies:

1.     Former Senator Joanne Brown, MA will be the Director of Public Works

2.     Leah Beth Oligario Naholowaa, MPA will be the Director of Labor

3.     Joseph Artero Cameron will lead the Department of Chamorro Affairs

4.     Ivan Quinata, P.E. will lead the Guam Environmental Protection Agency


Former Senator Joanne Brown

Senator Brown is no stranger to administration and planning. Governor Joseph Ada appointed her deputy administrator of the Guam Environmental Protection Agency during his second term. At the end of Ada’s second term, Brown ran for a seat in the Twenty-third Guam Legislature and won. She served six terms before deciding not to run again. During her tenure in the Legislature, she was a stalwart for stringent environmental policies, proper land use, fiscal responsibility, ethical conduct and infrastructure improvements. She served as vice speaker and legislative secretary, and as chairwoman of the natural resources committee. Since leaving the Legislature, she joined the University of Guam as Soil & Water Conservation District Liaison and Assistant Director for Soil & Water Conservation. She currently serves as Assistant Director, Northern Guam Soil & Water Conservation District. Brown holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees in political science from the University of Guam.


Leah Beth Oligario Naholowaa

Naholowaa is presently the administrator of the University of Guam’s Career Development Office, and has been with the university for 10 years. In this role, she helped place countless students, graduates, and alumni in exciting careers through workshops, and internships.  Ms. Naholowaa has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Degree and a Master of Public Administration Degree from the University of Guam. She is presently working on her doctoral dissertation in Educational Leadership in Higher Education from Argosy University.  Recently, she was elected as President of the Filipino Community of Guam, a civic organization known for its service projects.


Joseph Artero Cameron

The Calvo-Tenorio administration will be the fourth consecutive gubernatorial cabinet Joseph Cameron will serve in.  He has served as the Director of the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse for Governor Joseph Ada; Director for the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services designated state health official, and the Social Security Administration disability determination services program manager in the following administration; and Director for Hagatna Restoration and Redevelopment Authority, Acting President of Department of Chamorro Affairs, and Emergency Support Function Lead for Mass Care and Medical Sheltering for Guam Homeland Security for Governor Felix Camacho.  He is fluent in Chamorro (reading, writing, and speaking).  Cameron holds a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Sacred Heart College/Belmont Abbey College.


Ivan Quinata, P.E.

Quinata is the Chief Engineer of the Guam Environmental Protection Agency’s water division.  He previously served as the A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority as its Chief Engineer. Quinata also held jobs in the private sector for many years doing engineer work.  Before returning to Guam, he worked in Missouri for 21 years, for the state government’s Department of Conservation as a project engineer.  He holds an Associates of Engineering Degree from St. Gregory’s College and a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of Oklahoma. He is a professional engineer in the field of electrical engineering.