Former student recalls underage drinking at Ehlert’s “stroup” parties


A witness testified that Ehlert once said, “Don’t judge me but I would screw one of my students.”

Guam – Underage drinking, drinking games, night swims and sexual assault–these are the recollections made by the third victim to testify against University of Guam Professor Michael Ehlert.

Ehlert sat in court listening to the testimony of one of his alleged victims, F.R., who was 20 years old when she attended one of his student parties dubbed “stroup party.” These stroup parties took place at Ehlert’s Ipan residence which is located near the beach.

As with previous testimonies, a picture was painted describing Ehlert’s home, the beach and the party scene. F.R. recalled attending the party with her boyfriend in November 2014 where she says more than a dozen students in the psychology program were present.

According to F.R., she was not the only underage person to drink that night. She says another individual was only 18 or 19 years old at the time of the party. On the witness stand, F.R. shared her encounter with Ehlert in the water at the beach. F.R. recalls playing the drinking game “Don’t Judge Me But.”

“He said, ‘don’t judge me but I would screw one of my students,’” F.R. testified, referring to Ehlert.

Shortly thereafter she recalls being in the water and seeing another student crouched in the water while Ehlert was embracing the female from behind. It was then F.R. says she made her way out to Ehlert and the other victim, grabbing the student away from Ehlert.

F.R. says the victim could not stand and F.R. attempted to carry the victim “piggy back” style but was having difficulty supporting the victim who was highly intoxicated. F.R. alleges that as she carried the victim, she felt a finger go into the back of her shorts through the leg opening, and up under her panty, further stating that the finger got as close to the edge of her vulva before she jumped and screamed.

“I don’t believe it was an accident. I don’t know what his intentions were. There’s no way to accidently stick your finger up—“ F.R. stated.

At that point, she alleges that Ehlert attempted to grab the hand of the other victim. F. R. Stated she felt violated and wanted to get away from the party. She further recalls making her way back to Ehlert’s home where she and other female individuals changed in the bathroom.

“He was shouting ‘Take it all off!’” recalled F.R.

“To the girls?”

“To the girls. Take it all off or to strip.”

On cross examination, Defense Attorney Jay Arriola questioned F.R. and the testimony she provided to UOG and the Guam Police Department in regards to the “finger,” asking her if she recalled another game being played called “touchy feely,” a game Arriola described as being played by touching people underwater.

Arriola also questioned F.R.’s recollection of Ehlert embracing the other victim, asking if she recalled whether the victim was complaining, or “as a matter of fact smiling” F.R. replied that she could not recall.

In addition to F.R.’s testimony, another witness recounted the events, stating that the beginning of the party was amicable, in good spirits, a good party, further recalling that after the beach, he remembered F.R. “being really upset” and that F.R. “literally cried herself to sleep.”

Trial will continue on Thursday afternoon.


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