Fortune 500 Company Johnson Controls Opens Permanent Guam Office


Guam- Johnson Controls wants to make Guam a more comfortable, safe and sustainable island.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held for the Fortune 500 company’s new office in Tamuning and its induction into the Hafa Adai Pledge Program on Tuesday. Guam Branch Manager Lee Hooker says they have been coming to the island for the last 15 years. But 4 years ago, they decided to be here full time, instead of managing from Hawaii. Hooker also says they recently completed a project building solar arrays at Naval Station. While he notes their permanent office will help Guam be building and energy efficient, he mentions the military buildup was not part of their plans in staying on island.

“We didn’t include that in our plans” said Hooker. “There’s so much we can do outside the fence and inside the fence that Guam is the perfect place for Johnson Controls. We’re really into sustainability. That’s what we do. And we’re here to try to play a part in Guam becoming more sustainable and becoming greener.”

The company has already started on a big project in Tumon that involves street lights.