Four More School Fight Videos Surface; Two Male Minors Behind Bars After Tiyan High School Fight

No sooner had there been arrests in a fight involving students at Okkodo High School would more videos surface and would also lead to more arrests.

Guam – Just a couple of days ago, several students from Okkodo High School were arrested after an off-campus fight video surfaced on social media. Just today, we received videos of four more fights taking place at different schools.


One is a fight involving boys and a girl at Tiyan High School. Guam Police Department’s Juvenile Investigation Section saysafter conducting an investigation and interviewing students, in the video, a 17 year old student wanted to fight with a 17 year old female student. The male minor wanted to find out why she and her female friend were harassing a Special Ed student”. That’s when another 17 year old intervened and punched the male several times. A third 15 year old male jumped in on the fight as well. As a result, both males are now detained at the Department of Youth Affairs for Assault, Disorderly Conduct, and Beyond Control.

Three other videos are in their sights: a brawl involving two boys at the Southern High School campus, a fight between three boys at George Washington High School, and this morning, a fight between two boys at Toto Gardens near the bus stop, both were wearing GW uniform.