Four more sex abuse cases filed against church in local court


There are now a total of 86 cases filed against the Archdiocese of Agana in both local and federal court.

Guam – As the Archdiocese of Agana continues to assess its financial situation, more sex abuse lawsuits are being filed against the church. Four news cases have been filed in local court and involve Louis Brouillard, former St. Anthony music teacher Ray Caluag and former priest Ray Cepeda.

The first case was filed by a former St. Anthony School student with the initials F.A.M. who claims that his former music teacher, Ray Caluag, sexually abused him. In his complaint, F.A.M. says in the early 1990s, he spent the night at Caluag’s residence with other St. Anthony students and woke up with no memory of what had just occurred. F.A.M. says this happened on more than one occasion and he believes Caluag drugged him and then sexually abused him while he was passed out.

The next two cases name a former priest who’s already facing dozens of allegations as well: Father Louis Brouillard. And for the first time since Brouillard was named in the sex abuse allegations, a woman is claiming Brouillard molested her.

The woman is identified by the initials B.C. and is now 59 years old. B.C. claims that in the 1960s, as a member of the San Isidro Parish in Malojloj, she and a friend would clean the parish rectory. On one occasion, B.C. says they walked in on Brouillard naked and looking at pornographic magazines. It was then that Brouillard allegedly grabbed B.C. and molested her as she struggled to get away.

The other case filed against Brouillard is by a man with the initials T.M. who is now 57 years old. T.M. says Brouillard sexually abused him and other students of St. Francis School during outings to the Lonfit River for swimming lessons.

“If the boys swam naked, Father Brouillard would buy them hamburgers and fries from McDonald’s.”

The last case is filed against Father Raymond Cepeda by a man with the initials A.Q. A.Q. says in the mid-1980s, Father Cepeda took him for a car ride from the Santa Barbara Church and molested him.

While all four plaintiffs seek special and punitive damages, they don’t specify an amount they are seeking instead leaving it up to the courts to decide.

There are now a total of 86 cases filed against the church in both local and federal court.