Four Republican Lieutenant Governors Unite To Help Party


Guam – Four Lieutenant Governors will show a sign of unity and leadership to the Republican Party as the party prepares for the general election.

Lt. Governors Kurt Moylan, Frank Blas Sr., Kaleo Moylan, and Mike Cruz agreed to publicly campaign for, endorse, and support the fifteen senatorial candidates for their party.  The Lt. Governors want to play a role in trying to secure and maintain Adelup and regain the majority of the legislature. According to Senator Frank Blas Jr, Mike Cruz was very receptive to assist the Republican Party.

Blas Jr. says, “The  Lieutenant  Governor along with the past Lt. Governors obviously know what it takes to be able to be victorious and move the republican forward by pulling their resources together and knowledge to assist their legislature candidates.

Blas says three of the four Lieutenant Governor met on Monday to discuss their plans to help the Republican party. According to Blas Jr, Cruz was unable to attend todays meeting due to a prior commitment in the Philippines.