FOX6 GUAM Super Bowl Coverage SOLD OUT


Guam – Sorensen Media Group’s FOX6 GUAM confirms “SOLD OUT” status for SuperBowl XLV The NFL Championship game, or the SuperBowl is always the most highly anticipated and watched game, and highest revenue generating program for any local affiliate, and SuperBowl XLV is no exception.

FOX6 Guam through the Sorensen Media Group is officially sold out of advertising availability for the game.

The rights to air the SuperBowl each year is determined through stateside network contracts, normally rotating Between FOX, NBC, and CBS. This year, SUPERBOWL XLV will be broadcast through FOX6 Guam, over the air Channel 22, or Channel 6 on local cable systems- MCV or GTA’s GuDTV. FOX6 Guam will broadcast the complete Pre-game line up as follows: The Road to the Superbowl, Troy Aiken Special, SUPERBOWL XLV Pre-Game Coverage, SUPERBOWL XLV, SUPERBOWL XLV Post-Game Coverage, and a special presentation of GLEE.

This line up will start airing LIVE at 3 A.M. and be repeated starting with Pre-game coverage again at 4 P.M.

“We are excited to present the long form of SUPERBOWL XLV product through FOX6 Guam with 100% of the commercials airing to promote local business and services,” said Rex Sorensen, Chairman/ CEO of the Sorensen Media Group. Sorensen Television General Manager, Krista Gaza agrees, “ The SuperBowl is so highly viewed, that it is a golden opportunity for local businesses to communicate their marketing messages through television.

It is great to see so many groups taking extra steps to make their local commercials entertaining and informative for the viewing public. It should be a great game with great local representation through FOX6.”

FOX6 Guam will also create a half hour program of all the national television commercials you didn’t get to see. This special program will be presented by PNC Sports Director, Frankie Perez and air on FOX6 Guam on Saturday, February 12, 2011. Stay tuned to PNC News and FOX6 Guam for further details and air times.

The Sorensen Media Group reminds Guam residents that they can tune in nightly at 6pm to ABC7, or over-the-air Channel 14, for PNC NEWS NOW, with rebroadcasts on ABC7 at 10pm, and 6am, the following morning. Viewers can also catch rebroadcasts on FOX6Guam, or LPChannel 22 at 7pm, 10:30pm or 5:30am, the following morning.

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