Frank Aguon Jr. and Alicia Limtiaco officially announce gubernatorial run


The two are the second to officially confirm their gubernatorial bid on the democratic ticket.

Guam – Senator Frank Aguon Jr. and former Attorney General and U.S. attorney Alicia Limtiaco officially announced their candidacy for Governor and Lt. Governor at the Guam Election commission this afternoon(Tues).

“My name is Frank Blas Aguon Jr. Today I am announcing that I am running for Governor of Guam with Alicia Anne Garrido Limtiaco for Lt. Governor,” said Aguon adding, “Today we begin. Today this campaign launches in every village at every doorstep for every person on Guam.”

Limtiaco spoke saying she had full confidence in Aguon and saying, “We must build a stronger government rooted in everyday people like you. A government and society that will defend and protect our personal safety, provide adequate healthcare and prepare our children for the future. Frank and I are partners in this campaign we are united together to lead Guam.”

Senator Aguon spoke about his humble beginnings as the son of a farmer. “I’ve never been afraid of hard work. As a child my siblings and I worked the farm until the sun came up and then attend morning mass where my brother and I were altar servers all before school. After school it was back to the farm to work and finish our daily chores. My dad would farm anywhere in the south. If there was a piece of land he thought he could farm and make productive he farmed it. Which of course meant my brothers and sisters and I were going to be adding duties to our already busy day,” said Aguon.

Aguon says his dad taught him many life-long lessons on the farm. “The value of hard work, staying active and productive humility in failure and grace in success. From plowing to public service my dad and mom taught me what I needed to keep my feet planted firmly on the ground,” said Aguon adding, “Thank you. God bless you and biba Guam!”

There are now two gubernatorial teams on the Democratic ticket. Aguon and Limtiaco now join Lou Leon Guerrero and Josh Tenorio in the run for Governor and Lt. Governor. Former Governor Carl Gutierrez has also said he will be running for Governor again but has yet to announce who his running mate will be. On the Republican ticket Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio has made his intentions to run for Governor known but he too has yet to announce a running mate.