Frank Arriola Named Chief of Staff for Governor-Elect Eddie Calvo


Guam – Governor-elect Eddie Calvo Sunday named Frank Arriola to be his Chief of Staff.

A release quotes the Governor-Elect as saying that “Frank is an individual I trust to help lead the Calvo Tenorio vision and blueprint forward. He is a businessman, who is stepping away from his company so he can serve the people of Guam. He looks at this position as an opportunity to do good things and as a duty to people to put their needs first”

Calvo also praised Arriola for understanding “the value of good customer service,” which the Governor-elect said would become “a hallmark of a Calvo Tenorio administration.”

Arriola’s duties will include involvement with program management for the military buildup;  collaborating on improving the financial predicament of the government, developing the governor’s policy initiatives and ensuring the Cabinet is working optimally toward the goals and objectives set forth by the Governor and Lt. Governor.

Arriola most recently was the Calvo Tenorio campaign manager. He is an owner and chief executive of Pacific Rim Brokers, a locally-owned and –operated distribution company.

The release also states that other senior members of the staffs for both Governor-elect Calvo and Lt. Governor-elect Tenorio will be named soon.