Today is the last day to apply for the $300 Disaster Relief Program

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Friday is the last day to apply for the Governor’s Disaster Relief Program – Prugråman Salåppe’ Ayudon I Taotao, which provides cash assistance in the wake of COVID-19

The program was announced in May and the deadline was extended to June 12.

It provides a one-time $300 payment to eligible adults, whose total household gross monthly income is equal or less than the 165% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Up to four adults in a dwelling can qualify, for a maximum of $1200 per home.

The Department of Administration says it has already mailed out some 17,500 checks, including 400 earlier this week and 100 more going out Thursday.

These are all residents who receive other public benefits from the Department of Public Health and Social Services and automatically qualified for the payments.

Edward Birn, the director of DOA, told PNC they’ve received 7,000 additional applications, but at least 2/3 cannot be processed as is.

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“Many of these applications are incomplete because they haven’t sent the required supporting documentation. Kind of understandable since they’ve never had to do this before. That’s why we allowed them to complete the application [by submitting supporting documents] by the end of the month [June 30].”

DOA staff are calling applicants with incomplete packages to track down the needed documents by June 30. Anyone who doesn’t submit their documentation by then will be considered as abandoning the process.

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If you think you qualify for the program, Birn says you have until 5 pm Friday to apply.

There’s a form on the Public Health website, download the form, fill it out, please attach all the required documentation,” said Birn.

“There’s a box at Public Health – put it [the application] in the box. They log it in and they stamp it and give it a number and then they transmit it to us. Please do it by tomorrow because the boxes won’t be there on Monday.”

The 17,500 checks sent out so far, total around $13 million.

The program was allotted $20 million by Adelup from the federal CARES Act money that Guam received.

Birn says when all the qualifying applications are processed, he believes we’ll likely hit that $20 million total budget.