Friedman’s Appointment Reported Out, But Gets No Support From Senators; However, Petitions Heavily Favor Confirmation


Guam – None of the Senators on the Legislature’s Health Committee have recommended confirmation of the Governor’s controversial appointment of Dr. Sam Friedman to the Guam Board of Medical Examiners [GBME].

The Health Committee report on Dr. Friedman shows 2 voting NOT to confirm and 8 voting to report out the confirmation only, without taking a position. The names of the Senators and how they voted are not listed.

Read the Health Committee’s Report on Dr. Friedman   

Dr. Friedman’s appointment drew fire following his confirmation testimony before the Health Committee two weeks ago after he said that GMH is unsafe, that he does not send his patients there and that patients have died unnecessarily at the Hospital.

However the Health Committee report on Dr. Friedman also contains 2 opposing petitions.

One petition submitted on March 3erd, the day before his confirmation hearing, shows about 300 signatures opposed to Friedman’s confirmation.

Another petition dated last Tuesday, March 22,  claims 1,000 signature in support of Dr. Friedman’s confirmation.

A full vote by the legislature on Dr. Friedman’s, and other appointments, is expected to occur in the Legislative Session which begins tomorrow [Tuesday].