VIDEO: FSM Ambassador Asterio Takesy Says FAS College Students Faced With Major Cultural Differences


Guam – FSM ambassador Asterio Takesy spoke about some of the challenges that students from the FAS face when they come to Guam to attend the university.

Takesy who was instrumental in crafting the original compact of free association with the United States spoke at UOG’s faculty development forum today in Tumon about why pacific island students don’t seek help. Takesy said students from the Freely Associated States are faced with a western educational system that is very foreign to their culture.


“Before the arrival of colonialism in the pacific there was no public school system as we know it today. Knowledge and skills were taught within family within clans within tribes. They were considered sacred and they were kept within and guarded by the family,” said Takesy adding “The privilege of standing up and speaking before a crowd belongs only to the elders so it should not be a surprise that some of us are reluctant to approach people in high office.”

Takesy also advised the university to improve upon it’s orientation process to make it more user friendly to students from the FAS.