Consul General: No FSM citizen stranded at the Guam airport

FSM consul general Teresa Filepin (PNC file photo)

FSM Consul General Teresa Filepin has set the record straight on social media posts spreading all over the community about FSM citizens being stranded at the Guam International Airport over the weekend. 

Filepin told PNC that there are currently no FSM citizens stranded at the airport. 

“The post that had gone viral is via a young lady from Pohnpei who was trying to get on a flight last night to Pohnpei,” said Filepin. She did confirm that there is a new travel restriction enforced by the Pohnpei government.

Pohnpei is one of the four states of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).

The Governor of the State of Pohnpei, Reed B. Oliver, amended an emergency order on Saturday, March 21, adding a provision barring passengers from disembarking in the FSM state. The order exempted commercial airline crew, humanitarian support aircraft and vessels, among others. 

Filepin said the consulate staffers have been in contact with the young lady who has family and a place to stay on Guam. 

She said there were seven University of Guam students from Pohnpei who were also trying to board a flight to Pohnpei on Saturday. 

“There were around seven students from Pohnpei who were trying to get on the plane last night. But they (missed) the flight and now they are back in the dorms,” Filepin said. 

Aside from the seven Pohnpeian students, there are around 20 remaining students from the FSM who are staying at the dorms. 

UOG closed its facilities last week in compliance with the EO issued by Governor Lou Leon Guerrero. Face-to-face classes have been suspended with many students now attending class online. 

Filepin said she will be meeting with the FSM students later today to find out what type of assistance they need. 

“I’ve talked with the Dean of Student Affairs at the university and the dean said the students that are there are well taken care of under these circumstances,” Filepin said.